Stamping and deep drawing of all types of metals


We offer the possibility to manufacture small series or prototypes before the serial production
We design and manufacture dies or necessary tools, having the possibility to combine stamping and deep drawing processes with laser cut, machining and surface finishes, in order to get metal components representative of final production at the lower price possible.

1 prototipo brida 1
2 prototipo brida 2
3 prototipo brida 3
4 prototipo brida 4


C/ Cadi 18, Polígon Industrial
  +34 972 492830

Business hours

Office and warehouse hours:

From Monday to Thursday:
8:00 h. a 13:00 h. - 14:30 h. 17:30 h.

Friday: 7:00 h. a 14:00 h.

About us

We build, develop and make:

  • Engineering
  • Die
  • Die cut, stamping, deep drawing and welding
  • Surface finishes
  • Component assembly